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  • I acknowledge that I have read, understood and agreed to all the terms in this application. I certify that I will be fully responsible for all expenses, including, but not limited to school, living and medical expenses, while attending LIT. I agree to enroll and attend minimum of one semester before transferring to other institutions. In case of transferring before enrollment, I agree to pay $250.00 for administration fee. I also agree to accept full responsibility for my actions while participating in the Program and any related activities, including but not limited to, excursions and field trips, and to assume responsibilities for any injuries that may occur from my participation. In case of illness and/or injury, permission is granted to any appropriate medical center for examination and/or treatment and/or referral to outside physicians.
  • I authorize The Learning Institute of Texas to charge the following credit card for the non - refundable fees describe below:

    • Application Fee: $200.00US
    • I-20 Processing Fee: $ 50.00US
    • Fee per Dependent: $ 20.00US
    • Shipping Fee (Outside the US) $: 80.00US
    • Non F1 Enrollment Fee: $50.00 (Non F1 Students Only)

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